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  • Integrated Management of Crop Pests

Insects, the most dominant group of animals exist in nearly all habitats and in most parts of the world. They form an important component of almost all types of ecosystems. There are about a million described species in this world and a large number still undescribed. Many new insects have becoming invasive species every year. Insects are both human foes and friends and efforts have been made by men to conserve the beneficial ones and to overcome the problem posed by harmful ones. Insect pest inflict almost all our cultivated crops, attack on store food products, cause discomfort on human health and annoy the domesticate animals and, act as vectors of several types of viruses. In this background insects are looked upon as undesirable creatures and control measures are necessary. Coping the demand of foods for ever-increasing population worldwide, it is inevitable to boost the agricultural production by protecting the damages caused by insect pests.

In order to manage harmful insects, crop protection is an important discipline. An intelligent use of management techniques for different pests in an integrated way is of utmost important and has been realised from all the corners. In order to carry out the successful management of harmful pests, their identification, understanding of their biology, timing of control operations is the most critical, and the schedule of operations should be guided by the pest situation rather than by a pre-determined schedule. Indiscriminate, over-use or under-use or misuse or un-guided use of pesticide should always be avoided to avoid or retain the minimal effect of pesticide in the environment, on the human health and non-target organisms. Use of pesticide should be done judiciously, rationally and wise fully, and chemicals should be applied only as a last resort.


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Integrated Management of Crop Pests

  • Publisher: Samiksha Publication
  • Product Code: AT200
  • Author(s): Dr. Yubak Dhoj G.C., Mr. Gobinda Pandey
  • Edition: First
  • Published Year: First 2077 (20
  • ISBN: 978-9937-710-80-0
  • Pages: 200
  • Availability: In Stock
  • NRs. 595.00
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