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  • Applied Epidemiology in Nepalese Context

  • An updated and relevant book for Applied Epidemiology in Public Health, Nursing and MBBS based on curriculum covered of all the health institutions.
  • Covers the disease trend, control plans, policies, data, fact sheet and strategies with reference to Nepal.
  • The book is a very simple, easy to refer yet a good source of information concerning epidemiology of diseases, its course and treatment, demographic statics, and that of health and disease prevalent at current times. 
  • Immense help to the medical students, public health students and all students of health science.
  • The book will even be useful for those who are engaged in quality making and planning of health services.
  • It is a pain staking work to compile all these data, which is sincerely and successfully done in this book.
  • The academic contents of the book has been verified by dean of the Institute of medicine in his foreword.
  • The will power and hard work of the author has been a model that nothing is impossible.

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Applied Epidemiology in Nepalese Context

  • Publisher: Samiksha Publication
  • Product Code: NH933
  • Author(s): Dr. Saroj Raj K.C.
  • Edition: Second
  • Published Year: Second 2077 (2
  • ISBN: 978-9937-710-81-7
  • Pages: 512
  • Availability: In Stock
  • NRs. 795.00
  • NRs. 595.00

Tags: Applied Epidemiology in Nepalese Context